From the recording Carry the Weight

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History repeats itself. Is anyone listening?

This song is dedicated to the thousands of civilians and children killed, those forced to leave their country, and to the brave men and women fighting to protect their freedoms.


A mother she packs
No time for her hat
Signs she can’t ignore
Small hand tight in tow
The sirens hum low
Near bombs rumble and soar

No bags on her back
Just memories packed
She’ll carry the weight on her wings
She’ll leave her home
To a land of unknown,
For freedom is all she will bring

The old man has survived
The darkest of times
When dignity couldn’t be bought
Rain brings him tears
An abundance of fears
Once again, just left to be shot

No bags on his back
Just memories packed
He’ll carry the weight of the sting
He’ll leave his home
Twice journeyed, unknown
For freedom is what he will dream

A young man must report
To his station up north
Where he will protect and defend
His country attacked
Will his family come back
To bury what’s left in the end

Guns on his back
The memories he’s packed
He’ll carry the weight like a king
Losing his home
In war dying alone
While the world just watches and screams

But like times in past,
Hate always comes back
But falls in spite of its weight
Lives will be lost
In vain, senseless costs
But hope will carry the weight