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So much different than much of what the singer/songwriter genre has to offer to most people. Abby K proves she can do just about anything as she jumps from genre to genre seamlessly. ”

Jamie Robash, Divide and Conquer


Abby K draws upon many influences in her music from her childhood days in Kentucky and conveniently short-hands her music as "Heart-Rock". 

After two decades in the Windy City, where she was exposed to the extremes of weather and musical influences, she has moved her act to Seattle where she performs regularly, including Seattle's NW Folk Life Festival in 2017 and 2019. 

So, when it all comes together, what do you get? Honesty. Clarity. Harmony. Beauty. Abby’s sound is as green, lush and dramatic as the Pacific Northwest. Her melodies are instantly hummable and imminently memorable, and her stories will hit you smack dab in the heart. 

Live Performance Solo & Duo

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