1. 3:18

From the recording Bare Your Soul

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What does it mean?
That waking number dreamy as can be
Conjures so much more inside of me
Than just symbols and signs--that are mine

Gd’s own breath
movements forming & Jesus’ death
scream 8, 10 & 300 men
visiting me with ghosts--- uh oh oh

My reward staring into the dark light
3:18, oh the souls midnight
The tide goes out,
A train arrives at an hour of despair

Significant roads
shuttle landings and new moon odes,
civil wars, & area codes
Make me search within-- to begin

Hoping to pass
Is it sadness or happiness?
Digging out of my subconsciousness
Mirrored reflections of me-- ee ee ee

Bom Bom Bam

Fictional stories of Dandelion Wine
Bottled memories of summertime
Transitions from youth
To reality finds

Need to attach
Understanding a perfect match
Favorite numbers meaning life’s a catch
It doesn’t really define

No, it doesn’t really define
Don’t bother wasting my time
Just grab a bottle of wine
and go back to sleep!