1. Unforgiven

From the recording Bare Your Soul

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How’s it that I feel so hard and broken
Why is it the shards lie freshly cracked
Sometimes I realize and wished that you had lied
Rather bearing all, nothing but the truth.

To feel the tears come pouring out yet still
And stomach choices made of your free will
I’ll never comprehend and the torment will depend
On truly ever really reaching to that point

Unforgiven still remains
That leave me empty sorrow, nothing left to gain
Continually I try to send you love and not ask why
But I just can not erase and say goodbye, the unforgiven

Angers nothing more than covered sorrow
It doesn’t take a genius to understand
So is it really love and tons of feelings that are shoved
beneath the walls of sadness never letting go.

Thoughts spin madly in my mind
Desperate hoping that I find
The channel to my heart which sparked the magic at the start
the peace I knew when I was smothered in your arms

Oceans swallow cities overnight
Heavens so high go beyond the naked eye
Years are merely moments as fast as you can blink
So why is it that heartache feels like eternity?

Unforgiven is just a tainted memory
Overwhelming darkness merely covering the light of
calm happiness which lies beneath and overflows
of love so deep yes Oh so deep unforgiven, whoa oh oh, unforgiven,
whoa oh oh